What are the kinds of plastic in automobile interiors?


Automotive plastics including modified PP, PA6, PA66, ABS, PA/ABS, PC/ABS, heat ASA, PC/PET, PET/PBT, PPS, comprehensive application in automobile bumper, dashboard, trim, engine, air conditioning system, lights and other peripheral components.

From the type of automobile upholstery plastics, the dashboard are using PP, ABS, ABS+PC, PP, the door panel are used PP+EPDM, ABS or PC/ABS, mist grille, handle and glove box is used in ABS, PC/ABS or PP, the air outlet is generally used ABS, PC/ABS or PET etc..

Heat resistant ABS: high heat resistance, tough and tough balance, excellent spraying and electroplating ability. It is applied to the air outlet of automobile air conditioner.

PET enhancement grade: excellent mechanical properties, good dimensional stability, high heat resistance, good surface gloss and good color stability. It is applied to the air outlet of automobile air conditioner.

From the point of view of plastic properties of automotive interior, there are antibacterial materials and antistatic materials. Antibacterial materials such as PP, PC/ABS, high strength, high toughness, inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, applied to automotive interior. Antistatic material has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, long lasting antistatic, dyeing, low cost and glass fiber reinforcement.

The application of automotive interior plastic selon:

Instrument and door panel with low VOC, scratch resistant PP/EPDM+T20, door handle and base with electroplated PC/PBT and PC/PBT+GF, Central decorative parts with electroplated ABS, PC/ABS.