What engineering plastics do you use for plastic parts?


With the development of automotive lightweight, more and more plastic parts are used. Developed countries use the amount of plastic used as an important indicator of the level of automobile design and manufacture. The German automotive plastics account for 15% of the total. In recent years, China's rapid development of automobile industry, the automobile annual output of more than 4 million vehicles, according to the trend of foreign automobile industry, with modified plastics will be more than 500 thousand tons, of which the engineering plastics accounted for a large proportion, used in various parts of automobile.

One. Nylon material (PA)

Nylon is mainly used in automotive engines and engine components, the main varieties are GFPA6, GFPA66, enhanced flame retardant, PA6 and other products.

1, in the automobile engine peripheral parts of the application: because the engine peripheral parts are mainly heating and vibration components, the parts used mostly material is glass fiber reinforced nylon. This is because nylon has a good overall performance, nylon modified with glass fiber, the main properties have been greatly improved, such as strength, product precision, dimensional stability. In addition, nylon varieties, easier recycling, recycling, relatively cheap, etc., these factors make nylon become an ideal choice of components around the engine material. The intake manifold is a modified nylon material in the automotive field in the typical application, in 1990 the German car company BMW, the first reinforced nylon as raw material to produce the intake manifold application in six cylinder engine with glass fiber. After that, the Ford air intake manifold made of glass fiber reinforced PA66 was applied to the V6 engine, followed by the world's major automotive companies to follow up, modified nylon intake manifold has been widely used.

2, in the application of automotive engine parts: engine cover, engine cover, cylinder head and other parts are generally used modified nylon as the preferred material, compared with the metal material, the cylinder head as an example, the quality is reduced by 50%, reduce the cost of 30%. In addition to engine components, additional nylon components such as oil filters, wipers, radiators, grilles, etc. may also be used in other stressed parts of the vehicle.

Two. Polyester material (PBT)

In the field of automobile manufacturing, PBT is widely used in the production of bumper, carburetor components, fenders, spoiler, spark plug terminal board, fuel system parts, instrument panel, auto ignition, accelerator and clutch pedal and other auto parts. The competition between PBT and PA, PC and POM in automobile industry is very fierce. PA is easy to absorb water, and PC is less resistant to heat than PBT. In automotive use, PBT will gradually replace PA because of its superior water resistance to PA. In the relatively high humidity, very humid circumstances, due to moisture easily lead to plastic reduction, electrical nodes prone to corrosion, often using modified PBT. At 80 and 90% relative humidity, PBT is still in use and works well.

Three. POM material (POM)

The automotive industry is the largest potential market for POM materials. POM has the advantages of light weight, high hardness, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance and other advantages, is very suitable for manufacturing automotive car pump, carburetor parts, pipeline, power valve, bearing, gear motor section 000, crank, handle, dashboard, car window lifter device, electric switch, safety belt buckle, especially the slider wear parts are modified POM strengths, these parts of metal wear, reduce oil consumption, enhance the service life of the components.

Four. polycarbonate material (PC)

Modified PC with heat resistance, impact resistance, rigidity and good processing mobility excellent, in the car is mainly used in interior and exterior parts, instrument panel around parts, plate, door handle, antifreeze Yin flow plate, bracket, steering column jacket, decorative board, air conditioning system parts, lamp parts other auto parts.